Hands-on Training


Smoky Lash Enhancement®

This is an intense 2-day course that is hands-on and intimate. This training is designed specifically for progressive PMU artists who wish to improve their eyeliner proficiency.


Port Charlotte, FL – nip.ology 3D Mastectomy Tattoo Training (taught by November Pozzi) June 13th & 14th, 2021 – $2500

Port Charlotte, FL – Lip Blush (taught by Vjera Zec) June 15th & 16th – $2500

Port Charlotte, FL – Smoky Lash Enhancement® June 17th and 18th – $3000

Los Angeles, CA – Smoky Lash Enhancement® June 27th and 28th – $3250


Redding, CA – Smoky Lash Enhancement® July 3rd and 4th

We are also offering one on one or two on one Smoky Lash Enhancement® classes in Port Charlotte, FL.
-The one on one is $5000 for 2 days and 3 live models. You can also do a 1 day one on one for $3300 with 1 model. The two on one class is $3600 each for 2 days.