Peak Needle Cartridges – Quartz

//Peak Needle Cartridges – Quartz

Peak Needle Cartridges – Quartz


Available in various types. 20 per box. For Smoky Eyeliner, Will recommends:

  • 12.07.RS.LT
  • 12.05.RS.LT

For Solid Eyeliner, Will Recommends:

  • 12.05.RL.LT
  • 12.05.RS.LT

For Powdered Brows, Will Recommends:

  • 12.07.RS.LT
  • 12.09.RS.LT

For Hair Stroke Brows, Will Recommends:

  • 12.01.RLXT.SLT


  • Inner membrane for fluid tension and no back flow of ink
  • Stabilizer mechanism in every cartridge
  • Efficient cartridge removal and replacement
  • Sleek, hygienic design
  • High quality single-use material construction
  • Sterilized and individually packaged
  • Compatible with all cartridge system grips and machines

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in
Needle Size

12.09.M1.ELT, 12.09.M1.SLT, 12.09.M1C.ELT, 12.11.M1.SLT, 12.13.M1.SLT, 12.14.RLXT.SLT, 12.15.M1.SLT, 12.21.M1C.ELT, 08.05.RL.XT, 08.05.RS, 08.07.RL.XT, 08.09.RL.XT, 08.11.RL.XT, 08.14.RL.XT, 08.25.M1, 08.25.M1C, 08.3RL.XT.LT, 10.03.RL.XT, 10.05.M1, 10.05.M1C, 10.05.RL.XT, 10.05.RS, 10.07.M1, 10.07.M1C, 10.07.RL.XT, 10.09.M1, 10.09.M1.ELT, 10.09.RL.XT, 10.11.M1.ELT, 10.11.M1C.ELT, 10.11.RL.XT, 10.13.M1.ELT, 10.13.M1C, 10.15.M1C, 10.17.M1, 10.17.M1C.ELT, 10.19.M1, 10.19.M1C, 10.23.M1C.ELT, 10.25.M1C, 10.9.M1C, 12.01.RLXT.SLT, 12.03.RL.SLT, 12.03.RLXT.SLT, 12.03.RS, 12.05.M1.ELT, 12.05.RL.ELT, 12.05.RLXT.SLT, 12.05.RS.LT, 12.07.M1.ELT, 12.07.M1.SLT, 12.07.M1C, 12.07.RL, 12.07.RLXT.SLT, 12.07.RS.LT, 12.09.M1C.SLT, 12.09.RL, 12.09.RLXT.SLT, 12.09.RS.LT, 12.11.M1C.SLT, 12.11.RL, 12.11.RL.ELT, 12.11.RL.XT, 12.11.RS.LT, 12.13.M1C.ELT, 12.14.RL, 12.15.M1C.ELT, 12.17.M1C.ELT, 12.18.RS.LT, 12.21.M1


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