WA® SAF® Coil Machine



These are coil machines that are designed perfectly for permanent cosmetics. Each machine will be numbered and we’ll have a certificate of authenticity. All parts made in the USA.

  • Frame: Precision CNC Machined from a solid block of 1018 Steel. Finishes are Electroless Nickel Plated or Black Oxide.
  • Coil Cores and Armature Bar: Both the Armature Bar and Coil Cores are CNC machined out of “Pure Iron” engineered specifically as Core Material in DC Electromagnets.
  • Binders: Binders are Electroless Nickel Plated Brass.
  • Contact Screw: Contact Screws are machined out of Grade 10100 Oxygen-Free Copper providing excellent conductivity.


"Will Anthony is a respected veteran in this business, he is extremely knowledgeable, attentive to detail and a passionate follower of proper sanitizing measurements.
As a fellow artist and trainer myself, I strongly recommend his tools, pigments, services and trainings to anyone who is looking for quality and safety."
Ana Perrone
Wills knowledge, experience, the way the information was layed out, his work and the whole experience of the class were incredible and the catalyst I needed to come back to my studio and practice what I've learned. The eyeliner and brows that I've done since his class are levels above the work I was doing before.
Whether you get your permanent makeup done by him or take his class or both. It's money well spent. Do it.
Felecia Flourishes
As a fellow permanent makeup artist, I am glad I have been able to learn a lot from Will through his generous knowledge sharing and a webinar I took on his stretchniques. Will does perfect Smokey eyeliner tattoo everytime. His liner work is inspirational, wish I lived in the same country so I could take his course in person. Highly recommended as a permanent makeup artist and trainer.
Kay C