Blue Gel


*For Licensed Professionals Only

Blue Gel is a 1oz gel that is SAFE FOR USE IN ALL TYPES OF BROKEN SKIN PROCEDURES. It is NOT a pre-procedure deadener and ineffective when applied to intact skin. However, it is incredibly powerful when used after outlining a tattoo, after using the Derm Ease G2 Roller, after the initial pass on a permanent makeup procedure, and during or following electrolysis or other painful procedures to desensitize the area for completion of work.

Store in a cool dark place or refrigerate.

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This product contains 5% lidocaine and 1% tetracaine, together with 0.1% epinephrine as a vascular constrictor to help reduce swelling, bruising and bleeding.

Blue Gel is to be used only where the skin is broken.

Store in a cool dark place or refrigerate.

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