Will Anthony

Thank you for considering to host Will Anthony® and his Advanced Eyeliner class. There are many benefits to hosting a class. All money is in USD. Will Anthony will take all payments from all students.

You will receive a flat rate of $400 per student who pay the full amount and attends the class. This amount will be paid in the form of a check. Class must have a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 10 students. Each student receives an equipment package valued at about $700.00

As a host, there are certain things you will be obligated to provide:

  • A clean and sterile operating area large enough for the amount of students in the class
  • A seating area with a table and chairs where we can talk and meet throughout the class with optimum space for working
  • Class operating equipment (i.e. barrier film, Q-tips, tray covers, power strips and enough procedure tables, chairs, trays and lights for half the number of students in the class to work at once)
  • Lunch and refreshments for the class for both days

It will be beneficial to all parties if the host also tries to sell seats to fill the class. The class must have at least 6 students. If there are less than 6 students, the host will receive $200 per student, rather than $400 per student.

Models are essential to the class due to the fact that this is a hands-on training. All models need to understand they will be getting top and bottom liner. It is preferable that they do not have any old liner. They may not show up with false eyelashes on. The number of models required will be 1 more than the amount of students. The models are the responsibility of the host; Will Anthony does not supply models. If the host is recommending students from the area where the training will be held, the students can also bring their own models, with the host collecting the payments from the models. All models should pay in full and in advance to avoid cancellations on the day off the class. Will requires that you charge $400 for his model and is entitled to that payment. The amount to charge each student model is entirely up to the host, as she will be entitled to any profit after paying for and providing lunch and refreshments for the class each day.

Aside from the payments from models, Will Anthony will collect all money. Students will pay a nonrefundable deposit to Will Anthony to ensure a seat in the class and will pay Will Anthony the balance via invoice 2 weeks prior to the class.

Will Anthony will run his training according to the practicing procedures of the hosting studio. Will Anthony is fully insured and licensed in the states of New Jersey and Florida. If you are hosting Will Anthony’s training class it is the responsibility of the host to know the regulations for a guest artist to perform in your state/region, and to complete all necessary paperwork with information provided to you by Will Anthony.

Students and host understand they are not permitted to use Will Anthony’s name nor his trademarked Smoky Lash Enhancement® to promote themselves or their businesses without his written permission.